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How Can Fascias & Soffits Protect Your Property?

Specialised Fascia & Soffit Repairs and Maintenance in Leeds, Tadcaster and Wetherby.

Its the regular work that keeps your property safe.

Fascias and soffits play a major role in draining the moisture from the structure of your roof. While the name sounds alien, you would have definately seen these boxes under the roof and around the house.

They are the part of the guttering. First, fascias keep the gutters in the correct position. It's essential that the water flows down the drainage pipe, instead of splashing against the roof. Second, they collect the moisture and help it evaporate through the soffits on the underside of the structure. As long as the mechanism works correctly, your roof remains secure.

What seems to go wrong so frequently? If the gutters fill up with fallen leaves or the drainage pipe gets clogged, water splashes over the edges onto the boards on the underside of the roof. They absorb the moisture and start to lose shape and rot. From such a point damage spreads through all the layers of your roofing. Rainwater starts to leak inside. This can lead to major loses, if you fail to stop the process.

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Want To Know More?

What is a Fascia?
Most homes in the UK have fascias and soffits. They can help hide the gap in between the roof and the lower portion of your home. They also make the exterior of your house look more presentable. Fascias can also be used to make the installation of gutters a touch easier.

What is a Soffit?
One way to jazz up the exterior of your home is to add a nice soffit. Soffits are often mistaken for a Fascia boards. The term soffit actually has French origins. This is a flat board placed just below the roof. It hides the empty space below the roof and gives the upper part of your home a more solid appearance.

What is a Gutter?
Gutters are drainage systems attached to fascias in order to collect water that will come from the roof of your house. This actually reduces damage to your roof and may help direct water into a better drainage system.

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Fascias, Soffits & Gutter Repairs & Maintenance in Leeds, Tadcaster and Wetherby